TMP Organics Butcher & Supermarket is Brisbane’s first fully certified organic butcher.

We started our Organic Journey in 1997 because we believed in the Organic Philosophy of providing safe, healthy, natural and nutritious grass fed meats. To us, “organic” isn’t just a craze, it’s a way of life, and our business is a testament to our passion and dedication to sharing organic meat and products with our community.

TMP Organics is a family business – my Son Andrew, and daughter Jess, share my Organic Philosophy, as do all of our team members.

We are also proud to be supporting and working with many of the Certified Organic farmers who partnered with us in the beginning. Since then we have expanded our network of farmers and are pleased to be able to provide you, our customer, with information about where your meat is coming from. Please visit our producers to get to know your farmers!

TMP Organics is a certified company with Organic Food Chain (OFC) and our products are of the highest quality. They taste amazing and are brought to you, from farm to plate, with environmental, animal and consumer health in mind.

Before a product can be labelled ‘Certified Organic’ a government approved certifier inspects the farm, where the food or animal is grown to ensure the farmer is following all rules necessary to meet all food/environmental/animal standards, which for us are the Australia & NZ Organic Standards. Companies that handle and process certified organic food – before it gets to you – must be certified too.

Give the Gift of Good Eating!

Jenelle Stark